bmmheadThe final crossing of the Wightlink ferry
St. Helen on Thursday 26th March 2015

After 32 years in service the Wightlink ferry St. Helen made her final crossing.
On board were a select few lucky people - I was one of them. The entrance into
the harbour was nothing less than spectacular with the deafening horns and the
water cannon from the other ships to say nothing of the grand pirouette in the harbour.
Thanks for the entertainment Wightlink especially the food, beverages and songs
from the Guith Shanty Men in the VIP lounge and the brilliant tour of the bridge.
A day never to be forgotten! "Bravo Zulu" WightLink!

Click on a thumbnail for a larger photo . . .

The ramp comes up
and we're off!
Passing the "Hot Walls"
Out of the harbour
A look back at the
harbour skyline
Wight Light passing us - she
will play a part later on
When the captain invites
you onto the bridge
you don't refuse!
It was quite busy with members
of previous crews
The Guith Shanty Men perform
in the VIP lounge
There was a vintage police car
on the foredeck
The nuclear super carrier
USS Theodore Roosevelt
was at Stokes Bay
"Does my bum look big in this shot?"
Another view of the "Big Stick"
St. Clare passes sounding off
her salute to St. Helen
Wight Light welcomes us back
into harbour with a water
cannon salute
St. Cecilia joins in the welcome
as they all sound off with
their horns - deafening!
The hovercraft wanted some
of the action too
In harbour now with HMS Warrior
The Spice Island Inn
The Still & West  
Wight Light enters harbour now
Back into The Camber and
it's all over
Spinnaker Tower
The salute by Wight Light on
starboard and St. Cecelia on port